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ChemTurf Lawn Care Company has been servicing Westchester and Fairfield counties with their lawn care treatments since 1968. We are a fully licensed and insured lawn care company and all the material used on your lawn is in full compliance with all Federal, State and Local regulations.

It all started as a franchise called Lawn A Mat (the first of its kind in the area), then in the early 1970’s Howard Kaufman, along with his two sons Bruce and Scott, opened the company we all know as ChemTurf Lawn Care Company.

The business has been family owned and operated since the early 1970’s. We are not a franchise or part of a large corporation. We provide lawn service for thousands of the homes here in Westchester and Fairfield Counties. ChemTurf Lawn Care Company not only provides lawn care services in the area but hires employees who live in the area creating jobs within our community. ChemTurf Lawn Care Company is family owned and operated,

In 2010, ChemTurf Lawn Care Company was proud to welcome the third generation of the family into the business, Bruce’s son Jordan. With his vision and business savvy, he will ensure ChemTurf Lawn Care Company is around for another generation to come. Although the company is based in Mount Vernon, ChemTurf Lawn Care Company provides lawn care treatment throughout Westchester, NY, the Bronx and lower Fairfield, CT counties.

If you prefer using a local, family owned and operated lawn care service company, we would welcome hearing from you: 914-667-4474.

Kaufman family

The Kaufman family name has been synonymous with lawn care in Westchester and Fairfield Counties. It all started with Howard Kaufman and his two sons Bruce and Scott. Together they built a business from the ground up servicing many of the homes in the area.

In 1983, Bruce and his wife Jill (who also worked for the company operating the administrative office) moved their family to White Plains to raise their three sons. After many years and many customers later, after the passing of Howard (2007) and Scott (2011), Bruce’s son Jordan (3rd generation) stepped up to help take over the daily operations of the business.

Since his introduction into the business, Jordan has helped to revitalize the ChemTurf name with what we call “young blood and true passion.” The Kaufman’s have been around since 1968 and plan on being a part of Westchester and Fairfield Counties for many more years to come.

We strive to help make Westchester and Fairfield Counties a “Greener” place to live. We are the professional lawn care company.

What makes ChemTurf different

  • ChemTurf Lawn Care Company is family owned and operated, not a franchise or part of a large chain
  • In business since 1968
  • We are a professional lawn care company with many years of knowledge and expertise
  • ChemTurf’s technicians have been employees for 20+ years
  • We live within the community we service
  • ChemTurf responds to all questions and concerns in a timely manner
  • We guarantee our products will produce excellent results for your lawn
  • Estimates are completed within 48 hours (weather permitting)

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