Mowing and watering instructions for you lawn

When you follow ChemTurf’s watering and mowing instructions, we guarantee you'll soon have a green and healthy lawn.

Watering your lawn

A lawn should not be watered every day and should never at night. This promotes fungus to develop. Also lawns should not be watered for short periods of time. We recommend deep watering of your lawn so that seeds can germinate and the grass roots will grow deeper into the soil, which results in a thicker, greener lawn. Remember, it takes 3-4 weeks for seeds to germinate with proper watering.

Here is ChemTurf's recommended watering instructions for your lawn. In addition, specific watering instructions will be left for you after each of our visits, as different application during the year require variations in the watering schedule

UNDERGROUND SPRINLER SYSTEMS: 1 hour per zone every other day


In hotter weather, if you start noticing the grass turning brown or a bluish/green color, this is a clear signal that the lawn needs more water and the lawn should be watered a bit longer on the days you water.

Mowing your lawn

Lawns should never be cut less than 3". This is usually the highest setting on your mower. Cutting the lawn shorter than 3" shocks the grass and does not letting it develop properly, or even killing it. Cutting the lawn short also promotes the growth of fungus. Even cutting a lawn less than 3” twice in a season, may ruined the lawn for that season.

Don't more than 10 days go by with mowing. This will cause the grass to become too tall and not allow for proper cutting.

Grass clippings should also be raked up or blown off the lawn. If you have a mulching mower this should suffice as the mulched clippings will go back into the soil as a natural fertilizer.

Make sure your mower or your gardener’s mower blades are sharp. Dull blades cause tearing of the grass tips helping to promote fungus to develop and spread.

Got a question about watering or cutting your lawn properly? Call Westchester and Fairfield Counties' top lawn care company at 914-667-4474. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Did you know these important facts about a healthy lawn?

  • A Healthy lawn is not easily attacked by insects and fungus
  • A Healthy lawn is made by following cultural procedures like watering and mowing
  • Normally it takes 2 consecutive years of weed control to get the weeds under control
  • Every lawn will have some weeds within it, this will be sprayed as applicable
  • Each application is a build up onto another, the more applications your lawn has the better it will look and grow
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